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Drawmaker Express - taking bowls software into the 21st century

Drawmaker Express

Drawmaker Express contains the best parts of the original Drawmaker software, sold to over 150 bowling clubs, plus many more new and exciting features.

Free Demo software
Find out if Drawmaker Express will meet your Club needs by downloading a free demo.

Promotional discounts available
Receive a promotional discount of 15% on all Drawmaker products purchased. This discount is available to clubs who previously received a promotional code on a demo flyer or via email from Easyuse Systems P/L. Conditions apply.

How much does it cost?
The price you pay depends on the options you select. Click here for a price check and a free written quote.

Software License
The software is licensed to the Bowling Club that purchases Drawmaker Express, (registered club).
The software can be installed on multiple computers provided the software is used solely for events run by the registered club. Any variation to this arrangement is a breach of the license agreement.

How do I purchase Drawmaker Express?
Click here to place an online order and download an invoice.


  • All software available through easy to use menus
  • Access online Help by pressing F1 anytime
  • Save all event details to their own folder for easy access at a later date
  • Set green details to either numeric or alphabetic - with up to 12 rinks per green
  • Export draws for importing into spreadsheet packages
  • Access a computerised scoring module - scoring for first 2 games is free
  • All bowler and team names are stored in a database for easy access for inclusion into any event
  • Phone and email addresses can be stored in the database for easy access
  • Run events of up to 9 games on 8 greens
  • All reporting is consistent with Windows based products, including the ability to save reports as PDF's for emailing to club members
  • Team names can be changed or added, even after a draw has been produced
  • Draw statistical reports can show details of any club or rink duplication
  • All names printed in first name + surname or surname + first name order
  • Import names and contact details into the bowler database from club spreadsheets and databases
  • Generate random selections for up to 128 teams over 28 games
  • Backup & restore from 'the cloud', including iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive and other cloud based storage systems
  • Automatic checking for updates everytime you start Drawmaker Express
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Flyer to download
Click on this link to view the flyer, (feel free to save, print or email the flyer)

Screens & Reports to view
Click on this link to view some of the different screens and reports.

Demo Events
All Internet downloaded software and CD’s contain demo versions of other Drawmaker Express software products not purchased.

Display events are provided to give the user a picture of the types of draw available in each product.

System Requirements
Computer running a Windows based Operating System version: Win 7, Win 8 or Win 10.
Note: Drawmaker Express will only run on a MAC computer if you have a Windows bootable partition installed using Boot Camp for Windows or a similar product.

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